October 17th, 2011

Hello and welcome to our October 2011 newsletter.

The year seems to be flying past with only 10 weeks of 2011 left! With this in mind it’s worth starting to think about any major projects that need to be scheduled in over the Christmas period – be these IT related or not. It’s a time when we are often asked to perform system rebuilds, relocate equipment, replace key infrastructure when the office is quiet or even something as simple as ensuring all the computer cases and cables are clean and tidy.

It’s also worth thinking about end of year backups and how you will ensure data and email is backed up when there’s no one in the office to change backup media. Even though your office may be closed down, you’re still likely to have emails coming in which need to be protected. This is where our online backup services can be very beneficial – automatic, reliable and secure. Your data is compressed and encrypted on your system before being sent over a secure connection to our local backup facilities. Contact us for further information and a trial.

One of the big topics at hand right now is migrating email to “the cloud” – we’re involved with a number of organisations moving their email to Microsoft’s Office 365 offering and are closely aligned with both Microsoft and Telstra as their partner of choice in South Australia. But it’s so much more than just email – there’s document management and communications/collaboration as well. If you’d like to know more about this and see what it can do for your business just ask.

We are now also fully qualified to provide “Test and Tag” services for your electrical cables – regular testing is a requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2010 (Section 55).

Finally, recent changes in legislation (the “Consumer and Competition Act”) require us to provide you with a “Repair Notice” before commencing any work on your systems. This is a requirement for any organisation providing services on devices that are capable of retaining “user generated data” – this includes servers, PCs, notebooks, smart phones, USB storage etc. So when a support request is lodged with us we will be providing you with a repair notice before commencing any work – you don’t need to acknowledge it but it’s worth knowing why we’re providing this to you.

That’s it for this month. There’s some great articles below and plenty more available on our web site blog.

We wish you every success.

Calvert Technologies


June 20th, 2011

Hi folks!

It seems like only last week we were wishing you a happy new year, and now here we are about to hit the middle of the year. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun & keeping busy!

With the end of the financial year closing in on us we’re seeing a lot of interest from companies wanting to ensure they have their end of year backups in place, be this to archival media or our new online backup service which uses cloud technology.

The real interest grabber for online backups is it’s an automatic process that takes place in the background and there’s no media (ie tape or disk) to change over. Gone now are the days when you need to be worrying about which backup device to use – your data is seamlesly compressed, encypted and copied to our dedicated secure vault for storage. Clients using this are reporting they love the peace of mind it gives them about their backups.

If you want to ensure your end of financial year data is safely and securely backed up please contact us today.

The end of financial year also means tax time savings as our suppliers clear stock to push up their final sales figures.  Combine that with a high Australian dollar you have the best-ever bang for your buck when purchasing IT hardware.  If you’ve been putting off an upgrade or purchasing that extra workstation, why not contact us for a quote and take advantage of the current specials.

We trust you’ve had a great financial year and look forward to working with you into FY2012 and beyond.

Calvert Technologies

PS. Our Windows 7/Office 2010 information sessions held earlier in May were very positively received. Stay tuned for details of further sessions in the very near future.