Get your head in the Clouds

By Calvert Technologies Managing Director Dean Calvert

“Cloud computing” (or simply the “Cloud”) refers to using a computing resource that is located outside the four walls of your own building. In fact, the “Cloud” is not a new paradigm – consider the voicemail service for your mobile phone, your corporate website or even your webmail inbox. These are all examples of outsourced “Cloud” services where the product you use is located outside your premises.

But how can this Cloud technology help your business? The answer to this question is multiple choice. Benefits can include:

  • Greater access to feature-rich software without the cost and complexity of managing it
  • On-demand licensing of software-as-a-service to handle peak demand periods
  • Faster resolution of IT problems by eliminating local computer configuration issues
  • Improved recoverability capabilities from potential equipment failure
  • Quicker, easier and more reliable backups and business continuity processes
  • Improved productivity by allowing staff to access information when they need it from a range of locations and devices.
  • Less complexity in your computer network
  • Lower power consumption by reducing in-house equipment
  • Lower costs when adding new staff, especially those with hard-to-get technical skills
  • Lower on-going support costs
  • Less capital costs when upgrading equipment or lower financing requirements for major upgrade projects

The list goes on.

Despite many promises of “one size fits all” Cloud solutions, reality is never that simple. There is no “magic bullet” solution– what works well for another business may not be what your business needs. Your business has its own particular set of requirements.

Calvert Technologies can provide you with the advice, guidance and strategies to identify the Cloud solution that is right for your business – and advise on the appropriate level of security to keep your confidential information confidential! We draw upon decades of technology management experience and a network of global contacts to design and produce the Cloud solution that will work for your business.

If you’re contemplating the Cloud, and want to know how your business can benefit from it, contact us today. While Calvert’s solutions may be in the Clouds, our heads certainly aren’t!