Looking to the Future with Calvert Technologies

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Welcome to this July edition of our newsletter. We trust you had a great finish to FY11 and are looking forward to an even better and brighter FY12.

The prospect of the Carbon Tax being introduced is generating interest with businesses looking to implement “greener” solutions that consume less power - most importantly with regard to equipment that is left operational all the time (this being servers and printers). This not only saves money but is also a great bit of PR – imagine being able to promote your “green credentials”!

If you’re using equipment that’s over 3 years old then replacing it not only means you have warranty support from the manufacturer, but also the newer equipment is a lot more power efficient and hence has lower running costs.

As an example, we’ve just replaced our aging colour laser fax with a new colour inkjet unit which boasts 50% less power consumption and consumables costs!

We also utilise virtualisation technology that allows us to use a single server to run multiple systems, saving us hardware costs and further reducing our overall power consumption. This then blends nicely into Cloud technology.

Clouds are popping up on more than just the horizon these days, with the Internet, newspapers and even television abuzz with people talking about “the Cloud”.

Given that this Cloud chatter is about more than just dust from a Chilean volcano, the first article that follows is a simple primer on what is this causing all this excitement.

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