Get the Most Out of Your IT Dollars Before the Holidays Arrive!

Hello and welcome to our November newsletter.

With less than 6 weeks until Christmas there’s a lot of energy and excitement building up both in the office and at home. It feels like as quickly as some projects are being finished up for the year there are new ones getting under way to take advantage of the quieter weeks rapidly approaching.

We’re continuing to see a lot of excitement with moving traditionally internal business functions to “the cloud”, especially for businesses wanting to replace aging equipment with smaller, more power efficient devices. The cloud is also working very well for businesses with distributed workers spread across the city, country and even the globe. Whilst it’s not right for everyone, cloud computing services are continuing to show great promise for businesses from 5 to 500 people, and beyond. If you’re still wondering what this is all about and if it’s right for you just ask.

Between now and the end of November you can also take advantage of some great rebates available from Microsoft when you migrate to Office 365. Contact us for details and to see if you qualify for this great opportunity.

Recent flooding in Thailand is causing problems throughout the rest of world with hard drive factories affected by this flooding. This has resulted in supply shortages and price increases. If you’ve been contemplating purchasing new computers or increasing your data storage then you’d better act sooner rather than later. Predictions are the flood effects could last until March next year. All manner of equipment will be affected including notebooks, desktops, servers and stand alone drives.

One of the big sellers as we approach Christmas is the mobile phone – now more correctly called the smart phone. With so many choices how do you select the right one for you? And will you be able to get your new phone to connect with your work email system in a secure and cost effective way? Whilst the iPhone seems to be the most popular choice, it’s actually Android based phones that outsell everything else, however there’s an exciting new contender worth investigating – Windows Phone 7. With a fresh new user interface, and the only phone to offer Live Tiles, Office and XBox, it will change the way you think about using a phone. Plus Windows Phone 7 will connect seamlessly with your email server. Whilst we don’t sell the phones we can certainly help guide you through the selection maze and set up your phone connections for you.

Finally, we have a promotion running for the first 20 companies to sign up for our online data backup services. You can get double the data allowance plus we have limited copies of Windows 7 and Office 2010 to give away. Register your interest here and good luck for the prize draws, which will take place the week before Christmas.

That’s it for this month. There are some great articles below and plenty more available on our web site blog.

We wish you every success.

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