Happy new year and welcome to 2012!

We trust you enjoyed the Christmas and new year period and got to enjoy some downtime with family and friends.

Calvert Technologies is fully back on deck and we’re already working on a number of projects with clients, ranging from server replacements and disaster prevention planning to office relocations and migration to Office 365.

The recent hot weather reminds us that it’s important to ensure you have adequate cooling for your business technology, even when you’re not in the office. So make sure you don’t let those servers cook when it gets hot. As resilient as today’s equipment can be, they still need adequate air flow and cooling in order to continue to operate reliably and efficiently.

It’s also important to make sure clean power is being delivered to critical equipment, especially if you are in an area that’s prone to blackouts or power fluctuations. When considering a UPS for a server need to ensure you buy an online UPS, rather than line interactive. The key difference (other than price) is the online UPS is always delivering power through the battery, so there’s no need for a solenoid to switch from mains to battery power in the event of power failure, as you have with a line interactive UPS. The time delay for the solenoid to switch over can sometimes be too slow for the protected equipment and it then shuts down ungracefully – something you’re wanting to avoid.

UPS batteries also need to be tested and replaced over time – anything from 12 to 24 months depending on the quality of the power being delivered to them. If your UPS has not been tested or had the batteries replaced for at least 2 years then it’s very important this is done, especially in advance of actually needing to rely on them during these hot times – contact us to arrange for this and get yourself some peace of mind.

The year ahead is looking exciting with plenty of projects already booked in and new technologies showcased recently in Las Vegas at the CES show. What’s certainly evident is the growth in the mobility space, with mobile phones becoming smart phones and people wanting to be able to communicate by email, Facebook, chat, Twitter, photos and more wherever they are. Before you embark on buying a new smart phone that you also want to connect to your corporate network, be sure to check with us to make sure it’s going to work as you might expect.

Enjoy this month’s newsletter – we get great feedback each month and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see highlighted just let us know and we’ll do what we can. Stay tuned too for details shortly on our next free information sessions.

Here’s to a successful year ahead!

Calvert Technologies