Hello and welcome to our March 2013 newsletter

Can you believe March is already half way over? Before you know it it’s going to be Easter and then we’ll be counting down to the end of the financial year! But let’s try to not get ahead of ourselves…

So far this year we’ve seen some big changes both in our own business, as well as some of our clients. We had Graham Butterworth join the technical team in January only a few weeks after Andrew James joined us in December (click here for the media release) and just this last week our new service delivery manager, Rhonda Smart, joined the team. Rhonda brings a great deal of experience in process and management and we’re very excited to have her aboard. Keep an eye out for the media release in the next few weeks as we celebrate.

Rhonda’s appointment allows Mike Reid, our previous service manager, to better focus on his role as General Manager, which he took on last year but has been wearing 2 hats for all these months.

In terms of client changes, we’ve had the privilege to help a number of businesses migrate from their traditional on-premises systems to cloud based services – this includes a mix of email, communications tools, servers, backups and more. There are plenty of good reasons to move to cloud services but that doesn’t necessarily make them right for everyone – we’re still implementing “traditional” server environments too where it’s the right solution for the business.

We’re continuing to expand our reach into the Northern Territory too, with clients now in Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and more. It’s exciting to be experiencing both our own growth as well as being able to work with other businesses across Australia, helping them to improve efficiency, security, performance, capacity, reliability and reduce costs – amongst other benefits.

Look out for next month’s newsletter when we’ll have another very exciting announcement to make – we think it’s nice to be able to share good news whenever possible. And if you have some good news you’d like to share please let us know.

Contact us if you wish to know more about any of the items above, or anything else for that matter!

We wish you every success for the coming months, and beyond.

Calvert Technologies