Hello and welcome to our May 2013 newsletter

The cold winds of winter have started to blow and with it comes the reminder that the end of financial year “silly season” is almost upon us. This means ensuring budgets have been set for the new year ahead, projects are being closed off (where possible), and that you’re thinking about making sure you have decent end of period backups.

We’ve seen a continued demand for our services with many businesses beginning to pick up again after the tough economic times we’ve all gone through. Whilst the economy is not out of the woods yet it is certainly encouraging to see an improvement in the wider community, although the next few months could still prove challenging with the federal election rapidly approaching. And even more alarming is once the election is out of the way we’ll all be getting ready for Christmas!

Shane Robins joined our team in April, filling the role of Sales Executive, a title which never really does justice to the work actually done. Shane has nearly 30 years experience working with technology, at both a sales and technical level, and has a real passion for technology. In fact he is almost as passionate about technology as he is about golf! If you wish to discuss any technology needs with Shane please give him a call, or look out for him on the fairway.

We have had the pleasure of working some great businesses over the last few months (perhaps including yours?) with many adopting hybrid solutions, which means they have a combination of local and cloud based technologies. It’s been very interesting to look back and review the early conversations with some of these businesses , where they have been naturally cautious, and a little nervous, about moving some parts of their business to the cloud, but after it’s all been done they are extremely delighted with the result – some wondering why they’d not made the move earlier!

If you are wondering about “the cloud” and if it’s right for you, make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision. There are many small projects that can be performed which can deliver outstanding results. Typical “first time” projects include email, backups, servers, and communications tools. Contact us if you wish to explore what might be best for you and your business.

We’re looking forward to sharing more exciting news with you over the next few months and would love to hear your news too.

Contact us if you wish to know more about any of the items above, or anything else for that matter!

We wish you every success for the coming months, and beyond.

Calvert Technologies