Hello and welcome to our December 2013 newsletter

‘tis the season to be jolly…

  • About jolly time we had some nice summer weather
  • About jolly time we get to enjoy some time off
  • Jolly sure we have an end of year backup process
  • Jolly certain we have power protection for sensitive equipment that could be affected by power spikes or outages
  • Jolly careful we have adequate physical security measures in place, particularly if the office is going to be unattended for extended periods of time
  • Jolly well ready to get plans in place for 2014
  • Jolly sick of the overuse of the word “jolly”!

But in all seriousness, this is a time to both unwind and relax as well as being extra careful we have the right protection measure in place. Too many times have we been called to rescue businesses that entered the festive season with the “it won’t happen to me” mindset, only to discover that “it” can, and will, happen.

So what are some simple things you can do to prevent “it” happening to you?

Backups: ensure you have a plan for not only an end of year backup of critical data but also a plan for continuing backups even whilst the office might be closed. This is especially important if you have information feeding into the network – emails, orders, reports etc. We can provision online backups that operate automatically, providing complete peace of mind for data protection.

Power protection: during the hot weather it’s not unusual for the power supply to become dirty or fail completely. A mixture of spikes, brown outs, surges or loss of mains. These incidents can cause data corruption or even catastrophic equipment failure. Installing a decent UPS to protect your equipment, and allow a graceful shutdown in the event of a power failure, is cheap insurance. You do need to make sure you select the right UPS for the task though – please ask us for guidance.

Security: security covers a wide range of specific areas within the wider spheres of data, physical and connectivity security. As an example, you may have a password to get into your computer, but if that computer is stolen and the hard drive removed the data on that drive could be compromised if it’s not kept encrypted. What about your backup media – are the contents encrypted? Have you had the wireless network in your office tested and confirmed as secure?

Malware: we often find an increase in the amount of malware attacking networks when there are special occasions – Christmas and Valentine’s Day are 2 of the key times. Be careful of emails you receive that might appear to be special greeting cards but actually contain something sinister. Anti-virus software is designed to protect you from computer viruses but not necessarily malware, which tends to attack in a different way. We are now working with new technology that provides much better protection from these threats. If you have concerns you may not be adequately protected we’re only a phone call or email away.

We’ll be dropping to skeleton staff over the Christmas/New Year period, but will still be here to support you should the need arise.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year, and much success for 2014.

Calvert Technologies