Hello and welcome to our February 2014 newsletter

Happy (belated) new year to you – it’s hard to believe we’re already half way through February and thinking about March!

Those readers living in Adelaide will know we’ve survived some incredibly hot weather over the last few weeks. Something that often gets forgotten about, whilst we’re busy keeping family members and pets cool, is how the heat can affect our technology. We’re sure you’ve heard some stories of fires being caused by overheating equipment, but perhaps you were wondering if these are just urban myths.

Our Managing Director, Dean Calvert, was recently interviewed on Adelaide ABC 891 radio, by Ian Henschke, to discuss just this topic. If you missed the interview you can grab a copy here – it’s worth taking 15 minutes to pick up some advice that could save your home!

It’s not only fire that can cause problems – equipment failure, malware/viruses, theft or even just human error can cause all sorts of data loss problems. Fortunately there are some simple solutions at hand.

Bullet Proof Backups: for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week you can save all of your data files, photos, even music, to our Australian based cloud backup vault. This is proving to be extremely effective and has saved more than a few heads of hair from being pulled out! This is ideal for both work and home machines. Backups run automatically with unlimited cloud storage and even the ability to grab previous versions of files. We support Windows and Mac. If you want quick, simple and secure data protection for only $20 ex gst per month please contact us before you lose your next file.

Malware: we see an increase in malware attacks when there are special occasions – Christmas and Valentine’s Day are 2 of the key times. Be careful of emails you receive that might appear to be special greeting cards but actually contain something sinister. Anti-virus software is designed to protect you from computer viruses but not necessarily malware, which tends to attack in a different way. We are now delivering new technology that provides much better protection from these threats, including the likes of Cryptolocker! If you have concerns you may not be adequately protected we’re only a phone call or email away, and you’ll be amazed how low cost it is too!

These are just a couple of simple things that can be applied to a computer to provide much better data and operating system protection, and can save you from a lot of potential grief. Depending on your particular circumstances there could be other things that should be addressed – not the least of these being if you’re using Windows XP. From April 8, Microsoft will be no longer providing support (which means updates) for Windows XP. This means after this date if a security vulnerability is found in Windows XP then you could be exposed to potential attack.

Whilst we will provide whatever support we can, we need to encourage you to contact us to discuss migrating to a more secure and maintainable operating system. Don’t leave it too late!

All the best for 2014 and we look forward to working with you through the year ahead, and beyond.

Calvert Technologies