Technology trends that can improve productivity in your workplace

Technology trends that can improve productivity in your workplace

Ask any manager in the world about what they would like to improve about their employees and productivity is guaranteed to be one of the top responses. Even employees themselves know that they should be more productive, as according to a survey by Personal Group, 48% of employees agree that they could be working more efficiently. That means 1 in 2 of your employees know they could be doing more work. Finding ways to increase productivity in the workplace can be challenging, as most people are motivated in different ways. Luckily, technology is finding new ways of boosting productivity all the time. Here are some of the tech trends of 2018 for boosting productivity.

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Use the Cloud

Cloud computing allows you to access files and data wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. This boosts productivity in the workforce in a variety of ways as using the cloud allows your employees to work from wherever, and whenever, they want. Obviously this is dependent on your industry, but allowing employees to work from home can massively boost their overall productivity.

The fact that all your businesses files are easy to access from anywhere you are means that there will no longer be the need to wait while transferring large documents from computer to computer using a USB or external hard-drive. This means that files can be accessed from just about any computer, allowing work on important documents to be started even faster!

As a cloud network requires no hardware at your site and is instead managed by Managed Service Providers, there will be no down time while servers don’t work. Servers can go down due to a variety of different reasons, but as the cloud is a network of servers all over the world, they are less likely to have downtime that affects your business. This means that there will be no time spent waiting for networks to be fixed before work can commence, which can sometimes take days at a time.

The Rise of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices, such as phones, cars, sensors, lights, cameras and even household items such as the oven or kettle which enables the exchange of data between the devices. According to Gartner, the IoT is expected to have 21 billion connected objects by 2020. This number excludes smartphones, tablets and laptops, so you can really see just how many everyday objects are becoming connected. The IoT allows people to control any of these objects remotely, which can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy in day to day activities. Including the IoT at your business will allow employees to spend more time focusing on their work, rather than doing mundane, repetitive tasks.

Communication Software

With the invention of email, communication in the workplace evolved. It has now gone one step further with the aid of workplace communication software. Programs these days are able to create a whole different chat room environment for different departments, as well as providing virtual meeting rooms. They create archives of conversations and work that can be easily searched through, meaning that you will never lose important bits of communication. It allows everyone to see what everyone else is working on too, which will mean that time wasted on duplicate work will be a thing of the past.

These software programs are great for businesses that work in remote offices as communication will be made quick and easy across the different locations, eliminating the need for business trips across the country or even the globe, as private and virtual meeting rooms can be set up. These rooms have functions such as webcam, voice chat, document sharing and even screen sharing so you can show the other members exactly what you are talking about. This saves valuable time travelling, and also makes your meetings more productive.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown massively over the last decade, and it is now possible to use to your advantage in the workplace. Currently AI can be set up to undertake the boring, repetitive tasks that you do daily. There are even AI programs now that can listen to your phone calls and take notes automatically for you! This means you can solely concentrate on your call and when you hang up, a full set of notes are instantly available. The growth of AI will be huge over the next decade, so look out for ways that it can help you to improve productivity in your business.

Creating Wikis

It is possible today for businesses to easily create a central resource centre – similar to sites like Wikipedia, that can hold all your company’s key information resources. This makes it easy for anyone within the business to quickly find anything they need such as help, work forms, policies and procedures. This saves time by quickly giving employees what they need, without having to search through countless folders and files to find it.
All of these trends focus on creating networks of files or computers so that employees can save time by not having to look for these files, or by not having to repeat mundane repetitive tasks.

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