Use Microsoft 365 to help level the technology playing field within your industry

Use Microsoft 365 to help level the technology playing field within your industry

The size of the mobile workplace continues to increase each year, with most employees worldwide using mobile technologies. This includes construction, mining, wholesale, retail, and medical industries. Companies that utilise productivity software for mobile devices have an advantage over those businesses that do not. With products like Microsoft 365 Business, your organisation will have a significant opportunity to digitalise and transform your company operations through mobility, without compromising your data.

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The Advantage

Using Microsoft 365 Business can help construction, medical, and mining companies get better visibility, improve their efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and allow companies to make better decisions, all for a price lower than most traditional software. This can make medium size businesses more competitive, even against large operators.

Collecting information, creating notes and documents, sharing data, and accessing emails is made easier with Microsoft 365. The massive time saving can be used in other areas of the business, such as training on equipment usage and safety. Upgrades are available to make sure your business has the applications and tools available to handle current and new projects. If you have employees that do not conduct work using a mobile phone, they can still access information from their PCs, tablets, and other web-enabled devices.


With Microsoft 365 Business, your company can securely manage custom projects efficiently by maintaining great communications, managing project schedules, staying on budget, storing and sharing documents and controlling who has access to appropriate tasks. If there is a scheduling conflict, Microsoft will automatically bring this to a builder’s attention. This is also good for engineers, surveyors, and other professionals. You can share multiple projects with authorised users, inviting as many collaborators as you want. Users can monitor progress of a project from anywhere, at any time.

Controlling the Data Among Employees

Although you are allowing employees to access company and customer data, you are still in control of who sees what, and what they can do with that information. You may not want lower level employees to have access to the data that your management team uses, which is why you can use Microsoft 365 privacy controls to configure the type of access each employee in your organisation has. While your employees are using the software on their mobile devices, the design elements will prevent mingling of data with other businesses using Microsoft 365, unless you give the companies access.

You will never have to worry about employees getting unauthorised access to your data thanks to the extensive auditing that Microsoft provides. When an employee is terminated, or voluntarily leaves your company, he or she will no longer have access to your data, even if it was on their own personal mobile device. It truly is that simple, and it’s that safe.

Will Microsoft own my company’s data? 

You are the owner of the data and Microsoft is the host - that is it. If you ever decide to stop using Microsoft 365 services, you can take your data with you. Your information will never be mined for advertising purposes. Your data is never used or accessed by Microsoft, they simply provide the secure platform through which you access and use the data to achieve your company goals through the services you are paying for.

Microsoft 365 is an ideal productivity solution for medium size companies looking to quickly and inexpensively improve their business through mobile applications. You will not only improve product quality, you can also boost your company’s morale. The software allows employees in construction and mining industries, as well as other professional fields, to complete business actions from just about anywhere through mobile phones and other web-enabled devices, without compromising the security of your data, at any time.

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