Microsoft 365, not Office 365, is the best way to keep your business productive and efficient

Microsoft 365, not Office 365, is the best way to keep your business productive and efficient

Many companies have heard of Office 365 and have thrived using this productivity solution. However, there is a new solution that incorporates many of the same functions and tools from Office 365, only better. Microsoft 365 for Business is the product, and countless professionals are using it to manage their companies more effectively and efficiently. Take a closer look at some of the advantages that your organisation could have when using Microsoft 365 for Business, as opposed to Office 365. 

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What’s Inside?

Businesses and organisations that want to take advantage of the features that come with Office 365, while simplifying IT management, should be using Microsoft 365 for Business. It comes with the familiar tools that companies have grown accustomed to, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, and more. Both products provide businesses with updates to ensure they have the latest version of all applications. These tools can be installed across multiple systems and devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The key difference is the advantage that Microsoft 365 for Business gives organisations, in terms of utilising the latest technology while managing costs. Companies no longer need to hire countless employees and contractors to manage infrastructure when using this solution. Microsoft 365 for Business has the full version of Office 365, with a new centralised administration dashboard that allows businesses to oversee a full range of IT functions within their company. This means that your organisation can manage everything from user policies to security groups, as well as device configuration and remote data deletion when using multiple company and personally owned (BYOD) devices. 

More Applications

Microsoft 365 for Business comes with a variety of SMB applications that can simplify the invoicing process for businesses. The software can also make it easier for companies to manage email marketing and company listings across many platforms, such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, and Bing. This allows your organisation to reach more customers, and interact with current customers, without wasting time and money. Your business can use the money saved on important office equipment, company products, and more. The time this software saves your company can be used to provide additional training to your managers, team leaders, and employees, increasing your company’s customer satisfaction rating and longevity. 

Keeps your Data Safe

Many business people feel software that allows them to get so much done, for less, must put their data at risk. The truth is that Microsoft 365 for Business safeguards your data, in many respects even more than if this data was on an in-house server. If you want to give certain managers and employees control of customer and company data, you can do so without compromising productivity. In addition to controlling sensitive business information, companies can guard against suspicious links and unsafe attachments in email messages. Your business will be protected from various cyber threats when employees are accessing data from their tablets, PCs, phones and other web-enabled devices. 

Get the Support you Need

Companies can contact Microsoft support via chat, email, or telephone, 24-hours a day, and seven days a week. Online representatives and phone support will be there to guide you, your managers, and your employees every step of the way, regardless if you need assistance with file storage, email and calendaring, or Windows upgrades. You can also receive assistance with the latest version of Office. You also have the option of working with a qualified Microsoft Partner, which gives you a more personal and tailored experience.

To begin building your organisation, optimising your business processes, and to effectively communicate with your customers, subscribe to Microsoft 365 for Business today. You can keep many of the same tools offered through Office 365, whilst gaining a whole lot more. Bring your team and resources together, host online collaborations and meetings, and allow your managers, team leaders, and employees to work from anywhere with Microsoft 365 for Business.

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