The 3 key ways to use Wi-Fi to enhance your business

The 3 key ways to use Wi-Fi to enhance your business

Where would we be today without Wi-Fi? As we ask ourselves that question and think about our day to day activities, it seems almost impossible to live without it - whether at home, at work, grabbing a bite or even abroad. Did you know 94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity a business can provide?

A small business might be “small” but their ability to think outside the box must be big. Being a small business allows you to hold a competitive edge, offering agile, quick and personalised guest experiences. Offering Wi-Fi is a powerful marketing and engagement tool that can easily be accessible to your consumer base and visitors. Turning your Wi-Fi into a potent source of revenue through engaging Wi-Fi visitors over videos, surveys, promotions and much more can help raise customer loyalty and awareness.

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Whether it be a coffee shop, clothing store, boutique hotel or even a healthcare clinic, you won’t be shocked to see plenty of people holding a wireless device being able to connect to Wi-Fi with no networking hardware in sight. Wireless access points can provide anyone with valuable convenience, whether it be for your business or your customer base, hence it’s important to understand how to not only have Wi-Fi satisfy your consumer’s needs but also how it can benefit your business from a strategic point of view.

The top 3 key features to keep your business and Wi-Fi delivery competitive today

1.   Wireless Security System

Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) are put in place to ensure your network has protection from unauthorized devices, man-in-the-middle, server attacks and much more. Think of cyber-attacks to a network like the flu, once someone has it, it can spread even though it’s naked to the human eye. That’s exactly what happens when a network is infected - now any consumer who accesses your Wi-Fi encounters the possibility to also fall victim to this malicious attack, proving why it is important to make sure you have appropriate WIPS in place.

2.   Business-Driven Analytics

Everything comes at a cost, so stretch your dollars as far as they can go! Maximising your Wi-Fi investment and optimise your customer experience by evaluating data around site metrics like dwell time and conversation - this can allow you make better business decisions.

3.   Powerful Engagement & Marketing Tools

Marketing through Wi-Fi can be a simple yet a great investment for your company, turning the humble Wi-Fi into an amusing experience for consumers, guests and employees. By creating engaging content such as videos, surveys and targeted promotions to present to your Wi-Fi connected audience, it allows you to captivate them all whilst using an investment you already have at no extra cost. Social media ID check-in is another great way to know who your visiting users are.

So, there you have three valuable features to keep in mind when offering Wi-Fi in a competitive way, to benefit not only your consumers but also your business.

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