Technology Tips for the Hot Weather

Technology Tips for the Hot Weather

People and pets aren't the only ones who feel the heat - our computers, servers and communication equipment can also suffer when it gets hot. Power packs are another often forgotten potential victim.

Technology tips for the Hot WeatherPlease keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ensure there's plenty of space around computers so the fan can draw air through the case unobstructed - watch out for those piles of papers
  • If you have a server/equipment room make sure it has the air conditioner running both day and night, or if not air conditioned then ensure there's plenty of ventilation so there's no build-up of hot air
  • If you have windows facing East, West or North it's a good idea to keep any window shades closed to prevent sunlight heating up equipment or adjacent walls (where possible)
  • Look out for those AC/DC power packs - they can tend to get quite hot and some have been known to melt or even lead to fire. If it doesn't need to be plugged in, especially overnight, then please unplug it
  • It may be necessary to leave the office air conditioner on overnight so you don't walk in to a hot box in the morning - it's expected to remain warm over night
  • If you have chocolate out then eat it now before it melts - it's a good excuse to consume the entire block rather than let it end up a messy puddle on the floor 🙂
  • Share these tips with others you know so that collectively we can all keep safe

Many good server systems have thermal monitoring built in to prevent the hardware from experiencing faults, so if you do happen to have internal servers and they suddenly go offline it may be due to heat issues and the server has shut down in order to protect itself.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us, and remember to keep your fluids up and technology cool!

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