Do you know how cybersecurity is like karate?

Do you know how cybersecurity is like karate?

When learning karate you're never done, finished, completed - there's always more to learn, improvements to gain, little details to be made better. Cybersecurity is just the same - you can't make a few changes to your security and then call it "done". Cybersecurity, like karate, is a journey, not a destination.

So what are the first best steps you should take to begin your journey? When it comes to karate you learn how to stand, how to defend your face, and how to block a punch (actually you deflect the punch, you don't block it!), and how to kick. Once you know these you tend to share them with others don't you!

When it comes to cybersecurity the basics are:

(a) have a firewall to defend the perimeter of your network. A router won't cut it - get a proper firewall!

(b) stop using the same password for multiple logins. I mean it - STOP IT!

(c) enable multi-factor authentication wherever you can - it's simple but so effective.

(d) share these tips with others - and remind them that this is just the beginning of the journey

If you need a Mr Miyagi to help you please get in touch - I won't get you to wash and wax my car (maybe) but I can get you on your journey to gaining your first belt