Australia under cyber attack!

The news media has been awash with the announcement by The Prime Minister – Scott Morrison – during a press conference, outlining that Australian Businesses, government agencies and other entities are under an active cyber attack campaign by a “sophisticated state-based actor”.

Learn about the best first things you can do to improve your cyber security posture, and marvel at how bad my drawing skills are! (and please excuse the hiccup the camera gymbal had at the beginning).

Calvert takes home Golden Datto in San Diego

18th June, 2019 - San Diego, California

At the annual Dattocon19 event held in San Diego, California, Calvert Technologies were awarded a Golden Datto for 'Community Partner of the Year'; this is awarded to partners who went above and beyond to support the Datto Partner Community and the overall IT community.

Geek is the new Gangster

The facts are out and the jury is in, with cyber-crime affecting millions and costing billions around the globe, Geeks are the new Gangsters. However, unlike Al Capone or Machine Gun Kelly all guns blazing and posing a physical threat, today's cyber criminals use stealth, deception and sophisticated technology to steal valuable business or personal data.

Don’t Lose Trust – SSL Issues

One of the mechanisms to keep Internet traffic safe is to use encryption - you can see this working if you visit a website and you see the padlock icon in your browser (it can be in a variety of places depending on which browser you're using). The encryption is possible through the use of what's called an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate which is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA).

The CA has the responsibility of making sure the website who is presenting you with its security certificate is legitimate - there are checking processes which are supposed to be followed, and for critical sites (eg banking, high profile online shopping, government, defence etc) there are a LOT of hoops to jump through to get their certificates, which means they cost more.

Do you know how cybersecurity is like karate?

When learning karate you're never done, finished, completed - there's always more to learn, improvements to gain, little details to be made better. Cybersecurity is just the same - you can't make a few changes to your security and then call it "done". Cybersecurity, like karate, is a journey, not a destination.

Connecting to Wi-Fi is simple, the security of your data is the real challenge

The traffic on our roads isn’t all we have to worry about these days. Internet traffic is on the rise, with estimates that 63% of it will be traveling through Wi-Fi networks by 2019. With increased pressure by consumers, businesses are having to offer wireless access in public spaces - this can be beneficial at first glance but can pose behind the scenes threats to not only the wireless network provider but also to the users.