Do you know how cybersecurity is like karate?

When learning karate you're never done, finished, completed - there's always more to learn, improvements to gain, little details to be made better. Cybersecurity is just the same - you can't make a few changes to your security and then call it "done". Cybersecurity, like karate, is a journey, not a destination.

Australia under cyber attack!

The news media has been awash with the announcement by The Prime Minister – Scott Morrison – during a press conference, outlining that Australian Businesses, government agencies and other entities are under an active cyber attack campaign by a “sophisticated state-based actor”.

Learn about the best first things you can do to improve your cyber security posture, and marvel at how bad my drawing skills are! (and please excuse the hiccup the camera gymbal had at the beginning).

Don’t become a statistic of this new ransomware attack!

It seems that almost every week there’s another ransomware attack warning hitting the news channels. Some of these blow out quite quickly, but others are set to become legend.

The latest ransomware doing the rounds has been called “NotPetya” – this name is to distinguish it from a similar attack (Petya) which hit back in March but is an entirely different strain of software.

The Cryptolocker Threat

News of the latest threat to your data files is spreading almost as rapidly as the threat itself - ransomware.

Named "Cryptolocker", this ransomware relies on something antivirus software can't stop - human curiosity. The attack is initiated via either an attachment to an email, a pop-up on a compromised website or as a download on a compromised website.

Cyber Security and You

The media is awash with news of the possible hacking of the plans for ASIO’s new headquarters in Canberra. As announced on ABC’s Four Corners program  the story reveals that hackers, working from overseas, have targeted key Australian Federal Government departments and major corporations with intent to steal national security secrets and vital business information.