Don’t become a statistic of this new ransomware attack!

It seems that almost every week there’s another ransomware attack warning hitting the news channels. Some of these blow out quite quickly, but others are set to become legend.

The latest ransomware doing the rounds has been called “NotPetya” – this name is to distinguish it from a similar attack (Petya) which hit back in March but is an entirely different strain of software.

Hello and welcome to our December 2015 newsletter

It seems like only a few weeks since we welcomed you to 2015 and we’re now getting ready to bid it farewell – how time flies when you’re having fun!

We trust you’ve had a wonderful year – one that has both challenged & stretched you as well as being extremely rewarding and successful.

Hello and welcome to our December 2014 newsletter.

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2014? Where has the year gone? It feels like only a few weeks ago we were welcoming you to 2014!

As the Christmas and new year period rapidly approach, now is a good time to consider arranging those crucial end of year backups – you know, the ones that are generally forgotten about until after you need them!

Now, for less than the cost of a packet of Christmas bon-bons a week, you can save all of your data files, photos, even music, to our Australian based cloud backup vault.

The end of the financial year – time to take stock and back up what's important

Hi folks!

It seems like only last week we were wishing you a happy new year, and now here we are about to hit the middle of the year. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun & keeping busy!

With the end of the financial year closing in on us we’re seeing a lot of interest from companies wanting to ensure they have their end of year backups in place, be this to archival media or our new online backup service which uses cloud technology.