Keeping sensitive personal data safe is an integral part of the healthcare industry. Not only do you need to be keeping this data secure, but you need to be able to access it quickly from where ever you are on the premises in the case of an emergency. Strong, reliable networks form the base of an aged care facility or healthcare practice that runs smoothly.

What Calvert can Offer:

  • An advanced, reliable, fast, and most importantly, secure network for your aged care facility, surgery or practice.
  • Managed Services to monitor networks, fix any issues and to limit network downtime.
  • Install reliable cloud, on premises and hybrid networks.
  • Customised network and technology systems that help you to achieve your business objectives.
  • Auditing of your current network to see where you can improve your systems to help you grow.
  • Ensure you have accessible backups in case of data loss.

Calvert Technologies have installed networks to support numerous health related systems including:

  • Medical Director
  • ZedMed
  • Best Practice
  • Medtech