The mining industry thrives off remote locations, however the technology used on site must be able to easily connect to other sites and the head office. Secure, reliable and safe networks are a must for this kind of system to be functional. The expansive use of cloud-based solutions for the mining industry also calls for a strong, secure base network.

The strategic use of technology can help you to achieve your business goals. Calvert Technologies are experts in helping businesses grow through employing the right network technology.

What Calvert Technologies can do for you:

  • Install an advanced, secure, reliable and fast network that works across all remote and central locations.
  • Managed Services to monitor networks, fix any issues and to limit network downtime.
  • Install reliable cloud, on premises and hybrid networks.
  • Customised network and technology systems that help you to achieve your business objectives.
  • Auditing of your current network to see where you can improve your systems to help you grow.
  • Ensure you have accessible backups in case of data loss.

Calvert Technologies have worked with mining and mine related organisations across Australia where the tyranny of distance presented no barrier to implementing and supporting robust, scalable and secure infrastructure.