#SecureAdelaide 2018

#SecureAdelaide 2018 has now been and gone.

Don't fear if you have forgotten anything covered at the event, as below are the main topics discussed.

The latest findings from the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme report – who’s leaking information and how it’s getting out.

How to protect your people through security awareness training – every organisation has someone who will click on just about anything.

Why the traditional notion of backups is no longer relevant – business continuity is the new necessity, particularly in light of the rising threat from ransomware.

Even with awareness training, legitimate looking sites can be compromised, so there’s now a need to ensure you have added protection measures in place.

Identity theft and compromise are on the rise – having just a username and password is no longer enough. Muti-factor authentication needs to become the new normal in order to ensure your online identities remain secure.

Can you really trust that wireless network? Public Wi-Fi is becoming ubiquitous but at what risk? How do you know you’re connecting to the network you think you are?

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