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Essential Insurance for your Business

Backups are one of the forgotten essentials of many business computer systems. Too often they are either not monitored to ensure they are working, or they are not tested to ensure what is supposedly backed up is able to be recovered when needed. Another problem encountered is inadequate capacity of the backup media being used, such that not all data is being protected – either knowingly or unknowingly. When the time comes to recover lost data it can’t be found on the backup media, or cannot be recovered due to it not being written correctly.

In addition, when the office is closed over holiday periods, but the email keeps coming in, how do you ensure this new data is being backed up adequately?

With Calvert Technologies' online backup service, you can expect:

  • Reliable backups - our automated backup technology is available 24/7
  • Scalable capacity - our secure storage vault keeps ahead of your storage needs
  • Security - your data is fully encrypted before it leaves your network, and stays encrypted
  • Broad reach - backup the servers and PCs on your network, plus notebooks in the field or at home!

Calvert Technologies' BulletProof Backups online backup service provides your business with reliable, scalable and secure backups. You can leave your office knowing your data will be safe.


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