Security Awareness Training

Train your staff to not get hooked by Phishing attacks.

The recent implementation of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme in Australia tightens the laws surrounding data breaches - which can lead to substantial fines if your data is lost or stolen. The latest security technology, and stringent policies and procedures, are a great foundation for data security, however, without adequate staff training, your data can still be breached through Phishing email attacks. This means data is taken due to a staff member clicking on a link or downloading malicious content from within a Phishing email. Phishing emails are responsible for the most data breaches of all breaching methods, according to the Australian Government's Scamwatch website. Despite this, according to IBM, only 48% of businesses put their staff through security training and awareness programs. Well trained staff with a keen eye for detecting Phishing emails are key to saving your company the time, headaches, reputation loss and costs that are associated with data breaches.

Why it works:

Realistic Phishing Simulations

Test your employees' responses and direct them to the relevant training.

Trackable Campaigns

Measuring success is key. Keep track of user participation.

Engaging Training Courses

Quick, concise and interactive courses to increase your staffs attentiveness to emails.

The Benefits of Security Awareness Training:

  • Less Cyber Security Incidents due to increased staff awareness.
  • Up to date defence against cyber crime through continuous training
  • Avoid significant fines by complying with regulations

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